Hommy’s vending machines have a modern design and is boldly inventive. Hommy specialises in the manufacture of food machines, providing Ice cream vending machines to many catering establishments. Hommy is responsible for the installation as well as the delivery and pick-up of the machines. The same time the equipment of custom products includes the ice maker, an automatic coffee machine, pizza machine and beverage machine, popcorn machine and so on! Welcome to consult!

First, we should first find a formal and professional vending machine manufacturer who will cooperate. The focus should not be solely at the price during the process of evaluating, but carefully consider the efficiency of the machine as well as the after-sales assistance is prompt and comprehensive. It is crucial to be aware that machines that are large capacity are ideal for operators who don’t have time. Now there is a type of pusher truck which has large capacitythat is recommended to be considered.

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The second step to take when we get the machine is look at its design. This can be done by creating a beautiful body poster or creating a canopy. A distinctive vending machine that is clearly visible will attract many more customers, and increase the desire to buy. You must ensure that you clean the machine at least once a week.

Vending machine can be described as an intelligent retail terminal. The vending machine is currently popping up in the second and first tier cities. Now, unmanned vending machines are mainly distributed in all urban areas, such as office buildings, business districts parks, industrial parks, subway stations, airports, and villages in the city. Vending machines will soon pop up in areas where there is consumer demand. With the development of vending machines increasing numbers of operators and investors will be joining in. Today, I share some tips for operating vending machines

Due to the rapid growth and growth of the ice cream industry the demand for soft machines for ice cream is rising. There are many ways and methods to choose soft machine for ice cream. There are many manufacturers that can make these. But, there could be some differences in their performance and material. A lot of customers will specify hommy when purchasing ice cream machine. Let’s find out how hommy’s ice cream machine can be trusted by consumers

Hommy has a professional after-sales team. We can help you contact our customer service via the 400 hotline for customer service or our website for customer service consultation as well as a wechat subscription service number. We’ll be able to assist you with your problem online, or we can arrange for after-sales personnel to offer door-to-door service, so that you don’t need to worry.

The Proctor Silex blender is another milkshake maker. It is a very popular choice in commercial kitchens. It can make 650 to 700ml of drink in one use. It comes with a stainless steel malt cup, which helps you to maintain the temperature of the beverage. Steel blades of this stainless-steel design are simple to clean and free of corrosion. These milkshake machines have been designed to be used in commercial settings and are an investment for your business.

The launch of new trading activities is a continuous process that is affecting the entire campus. In the Illinois Union Campus Sales Office supervises the implementation, operation, and installation of vending machines that are located on the University of Illinois campus. It is the Illinois Union Campus Sales Office will initiate a site review to determine whether the work and location on the location of vending machines is beneficial to the university. Evidence that the vending machine is required will complement rather than compete with existing food outlets in the neighborhood (on or off campus).

A few of them are extremely quirky and are available in fun shapes and colors. For example,”Love Machine “Love Machine” dispenses soft-serve Ice cream in cups. It is a permanent fixture at Bar Moxy in Times Square and also has an ice cream bar that falls into the delivery bin. It comes with a 90-day warranty as well as customer service. Although you won’t be able to serve Ice cream by yourself but you can utilize it in a store or restaurant.

Smoothie Vending machines offer various healthy and delicious drinks, that range from iced teas to slushies. They use a vacuum sealed bag of fruit puree, crushed ice cream machines manufacturers, and the natural sweetener of plants, Stevia. The SVM also features a box system that fits inside an opening. A 16 oz. cup of smoothie is dispensing.

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